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People using our case tracker and drinking real tea!

Our award winning real-time case tracker allows you to stay on top of your case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

It allows you to view the case as we see it ourselves - so you are looking at the documents sent out, documents received in, emails in and out, steps we have marked off and notes we have made about the file.

By making it 'real-time' it means you're looking at the information as it happens - so for example when we scan the incoming post in the morning you will immediately be able to see all the letters and documents we have scanned in.

No matter what work we are doing for you, we can switch on LiveTrack for you. Just contact the person who is acting for you and ask them to switch on your case tracker. You'll need to let them have a password (up to 8 characters, no special characters), and you can be tracking your case within a few minutes.

If you're already using the case tracker then you can log in to your cases by clicking on the green 'Login' link near the top of this screen - or Click here to go to the login page